About us

UAB "Imota" is a full-service construction company offering solutions from frame houses to the construction of commercial quarters. We provide high production standards and economical solutions for those looking for optimal solution. We can meet all your construction needs from foundation, to frame, roof and window installation, flooring and finishing.


Uab "Imota" qualified specialists have a long experience in construction and finishing work, so we are sure that we will provide quality and safe service. We implement projects in four countries: Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We strive for leadership in the production of residential and commercial buildings, so we pay great attention to energy efficiency, modern design and fast home delivery.


We aim to fulfill our customers' dreams, provide the necessary advice and make the most optimal decisions before the process is completed. We value our community, so we want to help build an ideal home.

Production advantages

Wooden frame houses are widely known and reliable in Northern Europe. Here are the reasons for this: wood construction combined together with our solutions will suit almost any design; Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials; Standard procedures in the factory reduce the risk of errors, so this helps us to monitor quality at all stages; Production at the factory compared to construction on the site is not affected by weather conditions.