By purchasing the house you will receive: fast and high-quality service; implementation of individual needs; mobile, energy-efficient, ready-to-live house. The production of the house lasts from 6 to 12 weeks. All communications are available for an additional cost.The house can be modified according to customer's preference.The desired facade and roof shape can be selected for the plan.Large windows Help to avoid a small sense of space.Kitchen with household appliances, shower, shower faucet and all other furniture are not included in the price.

External dimensions: Width: 4.5m; Height: 8m; Length: 6.5m; Living space: 56.36 sq.m. Insulation: Knauf expert watt – walls (190 mm), ceilings (190 mm), flooring (210 mm). All structural wood: C18/C24 - certified; Power supply: Output electrical installation; Water supply and sewerage. Field panel: Cedar, wood lussing. Inner panel: Standard pine or spruce. Planed table with a groove. Flooring: Laminate (colour code: 5375 AC4/32) Electric radiators installed in each room; Underfloor electric heating, hard fuel fireplace or air conditioner heater are available at an additional cost. Bath: Walls – tiles white (pastel bialy gloss) 20×20; Flooring – arctic grey dot 10×10; Fugation (light gray color); Bathroom ceilings – plaster (white); Water heater (50l PROMOTEC); Toilet (standard dimensions); Washbasin with cabinet (white); A staircase in the floor to run water; Electric towel dryer (Brisk). Windows: Plastic on both sides, white It is possible to install wooden windows at an additional cost.